GGT December 2007    

//1 Be Kind Rewind I never liked Jack Black very much (up untill The Holiday that was) but the concept of this movie sounds rather promising: 2 guys re-do Ghostbusters. Can't top that.

//2 Hollereer Bliep-bliep-bliep-bliep daar komt vjezze, holler at ya boy. De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig presents this spring's hottest track.

//3 My Blueberry Nights I love the title, love the cast, love the trailer, love the music, love the artwork, love the poster: This movie's GOT to be awesome. Reminds me a lot of Closer, hope it's just as good as.

//4 Twistori Not all stuff that is made with the Twitter api is usefull, yet this website is a lovely experiment if you're a twitter fan or wandering poet alike.

//5 Eurovision No need to be gay or a girl to enjoy the Eurovision Song contest this May 24th: Simply watch it on the BBC where an evening full of laughs over stupid dresses, silly dances and loud presenters is guaranteed.

//6 Guidelines for Online Succes Our favourite book publisher Taschen releases some fabulously looking new web/design books. According to some peops in the Biz, this one is an absloute must-read.

//7 Icons: Interactive & Games Collectors of the Web Design Icons series (also by Taschen) like myself have even more reason to cheer: A new edition on the best games is out!